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Law Enforcement Makes You Unique
So One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Work For Your Insurance Needs

As a Peace Officer you are unique.  Your non-traditional Fridays.  Your regular and overtime shift hours.  Your sleep patterns.  Your work days.  Your financials.  Your family dynamics.  Your health history.  Your years till retirement.  But honestly are you prepared if tomorrow is a bad day? 

 Employer Benefits are Unique…

Complicating your uniqueness is your employer benefits are unique.  Various and confusing retirement formulas- 3%@50/55 or 2.0%@50 or 2.7%@57. Cost sharing contributions that differ based on hire date. Lifetime medical.  City sponsored life insurance.  And benefits here today could be bargained or imposed away at some future date.  Will the existing benefits carry you and your family beyond a bad day?  

Association Benefits are Unique… 

 And making matters more perplexed, your Association sponsored benefits.  Group life insurance.  Disability insurance.  Retirement planning services.  Existing member benefits set up years ago may not be the best solution for you today.  Is your association using their purchasing power to improve your membership benefits for a bad day?  

Bad Day…

Since you, your agency and association are unique there is no one size fits all solution for a bad day.  And a bad day doesn’t have to mean death.  Or an injury caused by a hot call.  It could be as simple as contracting a communicable disease while booking an infected subject.  A twisted ankle or tweaked back while helping a citizen up off the floor.  An impaired or careless driver running a stop sign and t-boning the vehicle you are traveling in.  The silent cancer and heart disease that plague Cops at a higher rate than other occupations.  Are you truly prepared for a bad day 

Why us?

Police Insurance Group is dedicated to helping you.  How?  For starters we come from a background of law enforcement.

Our DNA is wired to take care of our partners.  We’ve been on both sides of an Officer needs help – responding or transmitting – so we understand you and speak your language.  And we respect the need to sleep during the daytime hours when working graveyards. 

We start by sizing up of your current short-term and long-term needs and wants; the existing benefits offered through your employer and association; your existing and future family members; your health.  Just like investigating a crime, we too must peel through the layers to identify the best option for you.  


How can we help you?

What’s important now?


Life Insurance

Preparing for a bad day. Not something you want to talk about but lets be real - we need to talk about it


Living Benefits

Life insurance that pays you when you're living and have a qualifying event. Living Benefits can be used to pay for alternative medical treatment, pay bills or take a bucket trip. Don't let your spouse's new friend enjoy the dollars after you die.



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